My Learning Journal

Different cover pages of the learning journal

This LearningJournal serves as a learning companion on a three-month learning journey („LearningSprint“) to try new things, pick up new topics, and share with others.
This booklet includes exercises, reflective practice questions, and records your weekly progress.
Whether you are learning alone, in a learning tandem, or in a learning circle, the booklet becomes your learning companion: you can design it creatively, attach photos, add pages, build memories, use it as a guestbook, or visualize your thoughts with notes.

The booklet as a companion to your own exciting learning journey. 12 weeks on the road with a weekly focus, new valuable challenges, trying out new tools, exchanging with interesting people and getting to know new perspectives.

The latest edition (vers. 9) can be ordered as a softprint version via or bookstores. If you are interested in older versions or larger order quantities, please write to me at

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Edition No.9 is now available (CC BY 4.0). 60+ pages for your learning challenge. This booklet is your learning companion, retrospector, preplanner, memory taker, inspiration source and many more. After payment a pdf document will be provided by email.

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Key components of the booklet


Objective – the desirable relative goal. It offers you inspiration and drive for something that you really want to achieve. In each „Learning Sprint“ you determine your own objective – that is, your big learning goal.

Key Results                         

Concrete, preferably measurable results that contribute to the objective. These results can be realized through the implementation of subtasks. In this way, you can approach your goal step by step.


Individual activities, or subtasks, that can be implemented in a short period of time (e.g. 1 hour).

Learning Guide                  

Trusted people who accompany your learning path or parts of your learning journey. A sparring partner, observer, mentor or maybe just your critical self.

Learning Journey Canva

A kind of „memory board“ where you collect things that mean something to you and that you want to remember for a long time: e.g. knowledge sources, networks, contacts, learning experiences. Perfect to share, try out, maintain.

Health Check                     

Assessment to know how well equipped you are and what you are taking with you on your learning journey. Critical self-check to understand where you stand today and what you want to improve or strengthen.


There are an extensive number of weekly exercises, such as „Learning from the Future“: Create your own perfect picture of the future (Heaven & Hell) and describe what you see there. Describe how you got there and what „small and big results“ have been achieved along the way to reach that one big future goal. Maybe realizable in 5-10 years – far enough away, but still more than just a fantasy.


Your weekly reflection board on how well you are doing on your learning journey.

Into the future & Retrospektive

The weekly exercises that accompany you like a ritual from week to week and in which you show yourself what you want to achieve and what actually happened…

The booklet currently has more than 60 pages – make it your companion and colorful memory book. Every quarter there is a new edition with a new cover and maybe new exercises for your learning journey.

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The use of the booklet and the exercises contained therein is at your own risk.