My Learning Journal 9

This Learning journal serves as a learning guide for a three-month learning journey It includes exercises, reflective questions, weekly learning routines, and documents your weekly progress. Whether you’re on your own, in a learning tandem or a learning circle, the booklet is your personal learning companion: you can design it creatively, attach photos, add pages, build memories, use it as a guestbook or visualize your thoughts with notes.

In the new version you will find some new features or enhancements.

Phrase the learning goal as an „objective“ – a desirable relative goal. It will offer you inspiration and drive for something that you really want to achieve for yourself. In each „Learning Sprint“ you define one Objective – one big learning goal (based on OKR – „Objectives & Key Results).

 The mood board records your mood, your confidence level for each week. A quick honest look in the direction of your gut feeling and you’ll be clearer about the state of your own learning project. Ask yourself what motivates you or hinders your progress.

The booklet contains several exercises to take a deeper look on how to expand your own comfort zone. Check out which of your initiatives are inside/outside your own comfort zone.