Photobook-project at school

Project day at the Sophie-Scholl-Highschool in Munich. More than 40 different projects the pupils could choose from. One project called „hack your view of school“ a photobook creation workshop that followed the design-thinking approach. We started with questioning, what the final product should offer. All pupils were clear: They wanted to build a memory photobook what they want to remember about their school. Looking through a number of photobook samples we decided how the final book should looklike.


In the ideation phase they used a map of the school to sketch where they experienced something special and where they later want to take a picture. All ideas where pinned at the board.


Equipped with cameras they now started to their first photo-tour of half an hour, to take their first shots. A second session followed once the first pictures were screened and lacking locations need to be (re)visited.

After closing the picture-making phase all were printed and the pictures were hung on a clothesline.


Two more steps need to be taken: Which photos should finally be integrated into the final book and secondly – in which order.

Each of the selected photos where than placed in the final order and provided with a text.


We used pizza-boxes as case for the photos. Two buttons were sewn as closure and connected with a rubber band.

The digital version was prepared later: