Hello, you like visual stories, creative narratives as photobooks or magazines? I’m an owner of a small photobook gallery in Munich.

My gallery exposes photobooks with a high narrative expression. We don’t sell books (only exceptionally) there but give interested visitors the chance to explore the genuine artwork of excellent photographers and visual storydesigners. If someone is interested in a book we link directly to the website of the respective artist or to the publisher.

International artists who want to expose in the gallery just need to provide a free copy, so that visitors have the chance to explore other photobook publishers, not just those that are well known through their large scale publications and presence in bookstores.


In the gallery we expose photobooks (partly also zines) with a storytelling character. Photobooks as narrative artwork is still little known to the public and there is no such space in Munich, where you find a larger photobook collection. With the gallery we want to create such space, so that people could go there for free and explore.


Besides functioning as a gallery the space is used for workshops, meetups, artist talks, exhibitions to discover and expose visual storytelling in a broader sense. We also create or support visual narrative concepts for organisational, public or even individual transformation processes.



If you like to expose your book in our gallery we’d be very happy if you could provide us with a copy to become part of the gallery’s photobook inventory. It would be a great honor!

All the best from Munich

Helmut Hönsch

Gallery address):


Clemensstr. 61 (Schwabing)

80803 Munich, Germany