Along the journey of your start-up development you craft your start-up journal. Visualize to remember: Document to capture what should happen and what actually happend. Remember yourself and others how your story evolved. Analogue value: Its a visual & haptic story. It tells your story of development.

During 3 hrs you design your own book, inspired and guided by your own ideas, by other participants and the goodtransfergallery repository of visual storytelling examples.

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  • Preparation of a Start-up journal – based on your ideas, design hints, design examples
  • Bring along a sketchbook to draft your ideas and one book that should become your start-up journal
  • 18:00-21:00 Uhr    [Booking code: SJ210017]
  • Please express your interest via email and we arrange a workshop once we have sufficient participants.
  • Clemensstr. 61; 80803 München (goodtransfergallery)
  • Start-up owner who recently started with their business or those who plan to start soon (Min. 4/max. 6)
  • 46€