CreativeSpace: Design your story

Become creative in the gallery space to design your story – regardless if at the end it is a photo-project, a narrative documentation or the realization of a photobook.There are different small workshop components – each with a duration of three hours. The general flow of the workshop modules follow the design-thinking approach:


  • Own story concept & motivation
  • The narrative concept
  • Create your own story journey
define The WHAT / HOW & WHY

  • WHAT: The Story, the content, timeframe, situation, the style, the media, the surrounding, the circumstances, the target group
  • HOW:  building the connection to the viewer
  • WHY: messages inside the story, the real magic of storytelling
  • Empathy map of your audience or readers
  • Idea creation of story
  • Make use of creative methods like crazy8
  • Have fun sharing & exploring your ideas with others
  • Sequence the story
  • Build your story flow
  • build a first dummy
  • Haptic, Storyline, Placing, quality of production, printing, binding, covers
  • Its time to gain feedback and restart with ideation until your story feels ready to be produced
  • „Walk through“ of the photobook market
  • Print options
  • Publishers & Print houses
  • Marketing
  • Keep track of your design & development process
  • Sketch your creative ideas
  • Build your exploration path

Co-creation principle: We will work together to create the best solution for everyone. There is no wrong or right. Mistakes are welcome and essential to find out what suits best.

The space is limited to 6 people. You can book for individuals or groups. Please send an email to

  • to pre-book for the next workshop
  • to be informed on upcoming events
  • to tell us what you are looking for and where you need support
  • to offer your own expertise
  • to get more information about the different workshops (price, content)
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