Share your story about how you developed your personal style of visual storytelling

Sharing insights about developing your personal style of visualization

It all started with a Twitter feed … asking you if you are interested in sharing your story on how you discovered and developed your personal style in visual storytelling. Many have responded and expressed their interest. Thanks a lot for this! After talking with Katrin Mäntele (@kleinerW4hnsinn) about the idea of building a collection of stories around personal learning pathes of visual storytellers I would now like to start the project.

It’s so fascinating to see all the different visualization that are posted on social media platforms, a huge variety and almost all with a very individual style. As someone who is in a early stage of practicing sketchnoting I got very curious about how these „styles“ developed and what is important for sketchnoters, graphic recorders or visual facilitators? Which artefacts are representing the personality, foster a specific statement, enrich a personal style. What was your learning path?

Instead of dedicated interviews (which I still would love to do) I want to invite you to share your stories. You can also include your social media channels so that people can find you, if you want.

How you want to design your contribution is entirely up to you. Use your preferred language, include a photo that expresses your visual style and share your story with others. Please use #growingvisual as hashtag so that people can search for.

Feel free to invite your network of visual storytellers so that even more stories will be shared.

There are no commercial interests associated with this activity.

Here are questions that I’d like to ask you to answer. Please choose the questions that are important to you.

What is your way of telling visually?

Which type of visuals do you choose?

What is your visual style?

How did your visual handwriting develop?

What or who inspired you?

How would you like to develop your style further?

What is important to you in your visual language?

How do your topics shape the style of your sketchnotes?

How do you develop your sketchnotes?