Transition stories – Exhibition

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More than 100 pictures taken during the last day & night of the famous party location “Kultfabrik” in Munich East are currently exposed at good-transfer gallery (Photobook Gallery in Schwabing). Fotos by Chris Schweikert, Jens Edinger and Helmut Hönsch – all representing the artist group LE4EL kept alive of what has almost all dissapeared during the last year. “Kultfabrik” is gone, but their photos remain.

The photographs taken by the three artists are accompanying the exhibition of selected photobooks of photographers Kazuma Obara, Andreas Seibert, Katrin Streicher, Andrea Diefenbach, Christoph David Drange, Nick Hannes, Sameneh Khosravi, Tomasz Laczny, Christian Lutz, Lauren Massolier and Stefan Loeber – all their books are excellent visual narratives with different perspectives on “transition”.

You have other examples of transition stories already published (or planned to be published) as a photobook? Or you have a transition story to tell? Let us know more about it:

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